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VIVE La France - Highway Bowser Crossing The Channel

Highway BowsersHighway Bowser

The Industry Standard for Transporting Fuel

Fuel Proof’s range of highway towable diesel bowsers are the most innovative, secure and reliable products of their type on the market. Reliable, user-friendly and built to last, these units are fully U.N. approved for transporting diesel on the highway. The baffled inner tank ensures excellent stability on the move, and the high quality running gear ensures years of trouble free service.

Key Features

  • ADR compliant with full U.N. certification. Ideal for transporting diesel on the highway
    • 110% bunded in accordance with Environmental Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2)
    • All steel construction for high security and strength. Built to withstand heavy use.
    • For use with diesel and gas oil

    The heavy duty design and all-steel construction means our highway bowsers can withstand use in harsh environments and will provide years of service. In addition, our market leading 3 year warranty gives you even more peace of mind on your investment. Built in accordance with the ADR fuel transportation regulations and with full U.N. certification, the 500, 1000 and 2000 litre highway tow fuel bowsers provide an ideal solution for transporting fuel on the highway .

    The fully bunded tank is constructed from steel throughout and is seated on a tough galvanised tubular steel chassis. Highway specific features include handbrake and hydraulically damped overrun braked hitch, with mudguards, lights and high speed specification axles and tyres.

    The inner tank features a baffled design to ensure the tank is stable when on the road. The delivery equipment and inlets/outlets to the inner tank are housed in a secure, lockable cabinet at the rear of the tank.

    Standard specification:

    • Baffled and pressure tested inner tank
    • Tough, fully galvanised tubular steel chassis
    • Lockable cabinet to protect fuel dispensing equipment and inlets/outlets to the tank
    • High speed axles for improved stability
    • Fully sealed magnetic drive tank contents gauge
    • Large 5 stud braked hubs for long service life
    • Fitted with automatic breather and pressure relief valve
    • High performance Radial tyres give excellent stability
    • Tough galvanised mudguards and lighting board