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Can You Afford Not To Save Money On Your Fuel

Can You Afford A New Fuel Tank, Question Is Can You Afford Not To?

Recently we carried out some diesel fuel price comparison for our own purposes, like any normal business we wanted to manage our fuel expenditure. 

So we got to work with a spreadsheet, ringing around local fuel suppliers to find the best rates. Once this information was gathered the savings varied by some margin, but working to the average fuel saving it reinforced the fact that not only do our fuel tanks have great residual value, they also deliver a great return on investment.

If we use the example of saving 5p per litre (more than achievable at current rates) on a tank storage capacity of 20,000 litres, one fill would save you £1,000.00 and so on. If you consider how many fills you will have in your fuel tanks lifetime, it will pay for itself and make you money.

When buying a Fuel Proof storage tank you not only get the financial benefit listed above, but you also get safe and secure storage for your liquid gold. The diesel being stored in the tank is worth more money than the fuel tank itself, meaning you want it to be kept as safe as possible. Fuel Proof tanks come standard with heavy duty roller shutter doors or a solid steel door with enclosed hinges, not only that, our man-way access point can be fitted with multiple padlocks unlike other tanks on the market.

The final aspect we would put forward when considering a new diesel storage tank is our cylindrical tanks are very efficient at coping with temperature changes and reducing condensation, therefore reducing water content in your expensive fuel. Other square/rectangle fuel storage tanks on the market are easily targeted by the 'diesel bug' which could cost you money, the large square footprint of these tanks gives a large sitting area for bacteria to thrive especially if the roof of the tank is only single skin steel (Fuel Proof is double skin) also known as common top. You don't need to worry about this with a Fuel Proof Cylindrical tank, we build them this way for a reason, we have the expense of R&D so you don't have to.

So, can you afford not to have your own fuel storage, that saves you money and earns you money?

If we can help you and your business get in touch now.

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