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400+50 Litre Mobile Diesel & AdBlue Tank

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Key Features

Polyethylene tank for Diesel fuel transport, in exemption from ADR according to paragraph, and  AdBlue®.
Carrytank® 400+50 is a tank made in linear polyethylene designed for Diesel fuel and AdBlue® transport; it is equipped with the following fittings: reinforced lockable lid, filling aluminium plug for Diesel compartment and filling polyethylene plug for AdBlue® compartment, with integrated air vent device, level indicator, inline filter, fuel transfer unit, automatic fuel nozzle, built-in forklift pockets (full tank), handles for lifting and carrying (empty tank) and integrated recesses for securing with ratchet lashing straps during transport. All the fittings are made of aluminium or materials compatible with Diesel fuel and AdBlue®.

• Volume Diesel fuel compartment: 400 liters.
• Volume AdBlue® compartment: 50 liters
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.200x800xH785 mm.
• Empty weight: 45 Kg.
• Empty weight including both transfer units 12V: 57 Kg.
• Wall thickness: 6,5 mm.
• Filling plug, size 2”, with integrated air vent valve on both compartments.
• Level indicator (only Diesel fuel compartment).
• In-Line filter (only Diesel fuel compartment).

Standard Specification

• DC fuel transfer pump, mod. DEVIL40 (12 or 24 V), flow rate 40 l/min for Diesel compartment
• Submersible pump 12V, flow rate 15 l/min for AdBlue® compartment
• 4 m of hose for Diesel fuel and 4 m of hose for AdBlue®.
• Automatic nozzle for Diesel fuel and manual nozzle for AdBlue®
• 4 m of battery power cable and clamps for battery connection
• Optional: digital flow meter for Diesel fuel, mod. M24
• Optional: water separator filter for Diesel fuel

Technical Information

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.200x800xH785 mm
• Empty weight: 45 Kg
• Empty weight including both transfer units 12V: 57 Kg
• Wall thickness: 6,5 mm

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